Kathrine Nørgård

Signature Collection

As an independent luxury brand developed and refined over a decade under the helm of designer Kathrine Nørgård, the label is synonymous with exquisite materials, high technical workmanship, excellent functionality and comfort, flattering cuts and delicate details that accentuate the female body in the most desirable way.

Kathrine Nørgård creates classics with a timeless quality and of lasting worth aiming to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Kathrine Nørgård HOME

Today Kathrine is one of the most prominent designers in Norway, and she continues to follow the vision she had from the start, building her namesake label into a luxury lifestyle brand.

Kathrine Nørgård HOME is being brought to life this very year. The exclusive collection of pillows made of repurposed fabric from Nørgårds Signature clothing line, marks the start of her new HOME collection.

All garments are produced in Lithuania/Europe in order to keep the production close to marked, reducing environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Kathrine Nørgård SPORT

Kathrine Nørgård started playing tennis and padel in 2021, and it became her favorite sport after the first time she swung her racket and made a serve.

One of the first things she gained an understanding of (apart from terms like forehand, backhand, volley and how to serve), was that finding tennis and panel clothing which suited the female body, was in her opinion no easy task. The few examples that she did find however, were old variants which did not incorporate a fresh or modern design, nor did they come with comfort or practical function, such as the ability to carry more than a single ball per pocket. That is if they had any pockets at all.

After realizing that her tennis playing friends, people at the tennis club and her followers on social media all had the same experience as herself, and were craving the exact same type of products, she decided to design and develop a collection to make women look, feel and play great, with maximum function, form and fit in mind.